How to play Clan Capital – Clash of Clans 2022

Clan Capital is the newest game mode in clash of clans. Here you can get the info about how to play clan capital.

How to play clan capital

The clan capital update is live. After all the buzz about the new update clash of clans introduced a new village clan capital which will send you high into the sky for a new base. Previously I also discussed the sneak peak of the new update Clash of Clans update. Here I will tell you how to play clan capital.

How to play Clan Capital?

To access the capital hall there is an airship. After there are six districts and one capital peak in the new village. Each district has its district hall. All districts had different buildings in it. A player can unlock these districts by upgrading the capital peaks’ capital hall.

Airship and forge

To upgrade these buildings we need capital gold. There are several ways to get capital gold. First, you can get capital gold from fore the new building forge. It will give you free capital gold once a day the amount will be given according to the player’s town hall. You can also craft capital gold by exchanging your home village and builder base resources but it will need a builder and will take some time also.

How to earn raid medals?

First, there are the raid attacks which you can do on raid weekends. The raid weekends start on Friday and end on Monday. To join the raid weekend your clan co-leaders or leader have to opt-in. Then you will go against a clan of similar levels to yours. But your capital peak has to be of a level 2 otherwise you cannot join a raid attack. So be sure to upgrade your capital peak to level 2 as fast as you can to get the juicy rewards which are raid medals.

Raid weekends

After joining the raid attack you have 5 attacks by default. But you can get one bonus attack by getting the first 3 stars on a district. Once all of the districts have been destroyed the capital peak will be unlocked. After when the capital peak is destroyed you can start the next raid right away. In the next raid, you will get only left attacks from your previous raid. So basically you can get only 5 or 6 attacks in the entire raid weekend. So make sure to use your attacks wisely.

When the raid weekends end you will earn raid medals based on your attacking and defending. To earn more raid medals try to get more 3 stars on capital districts.

How much capital gold is needed to max out clan capital?

To fully max out the clan capital a clan needs a total of 89 million capital gold. So yeah that’s a lot of grinds even if you are playing with the clan. So make sure to join an active clan.

In the time it will take up to 1 year to fully max out the clan capital. But this stat is based on 50 members in a clan with th14 players. But if you are brave enough and want to play solo in a clan it will take up to more than 50 years that way you can dedicate your life to fully max out the clan capital. But jokes apart you should have to look for a good clan quickly.

That’s all for how to play clan capital in the clash of clans. In my opinion, this new update definitely will add more fun to the game and it will also bring your whole clan together to earn raid medals.

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