Tips for Writing a Brilliant Scientific Essay with Ease Science is a huge subject and pretty much impossible to encompass in a brief essay. So its best to pick one part of the field and concentrate your efforts on it. A scientific essay could be about something historical, such as astronomy and how it has changed from the early days of star gazing to telescopes to walking on the moon. An essay on the astrolabe alone could fill an essay. Needless to say, analytical essays are among the most interesting for a topic like this.
The astrolabe was invented in the early days of oceanic sailing to help the ship captains figure out their courses and where they were located. The instrument was held up at the North Star (Polaris) and adjusted to the position against the horizon and a chronometer (we call them clocks these days).

If you want to write a scientific essay on geology, its a fascinating subject. From the early discoveries of dinosaur bones and the way they were misplaced in displays to the modern finds that are re-articulated by experts to depict what the creatures looked like and even how they moved, geology covers this and more. Using core samples from the sea bed and dry land, scientists can tell when the bones were left and what the climate of the time was like. The Gobi Desert was once a fertile plain!

Medicine is another possibility for a scientific essay. Did you know that many of our modern advances in trauma treatments come from wars? Its true. The immediate need for a new method or tool on the battlefield or a field hospital has resulted in arterial transplants, and even some specialized and delicate instruments that are needed to accomplish the transplants.

Technology (aside from medicine) is another science that might merit an essay. For example, the television was invented in the 1920s! It didnt come into common usage, of course for another 30 years. Telegraph, telephones, telescopes and microscopes have come a long way from their early days. Computers are a branch of technology that is so common today, almost everyone is able to jump online and visit places all over the world in a matter of seconds. Research essay topics to find the most information that is easy to use from a reliable source.

What was once science fiction has become science fact. Edgar Rice Burroughs didnt use the term В«computerВ» but he described them in his Martian books. He also wrote about auto-pilot on aircraft long before it ever occurred to scientists that it was possible. Gene Roddenberry, creator or В«Star TrekВ» was a believer in possibilities, too. The beds that were used in the original series (circa 1960s) were developed and later used by the military to monitor a patients vital signs. Jules Verne wrote about submarines and flying machines long before they became a reality. Sometimes, life imitates art.

A scientific essay can contain so many possibilities, it could take longer to choose a field of science than to actually do the writing! Other sciences that can make fascinating essays are forensics, archaeology, anthropology, biology, zoology, criminology, the list is much longer, but you get the idea, I’m sure. Research on any of these fields is plentiful and can be quite absorbing at the same time regardless of essay length.