Tips for Researching and Writing an Essay About Love

There are many factors to love just as there are many types of love. When writing an introduction to an essay about love you should give your reader a clear idea of what exactly your essay focuses on. An essay about love can include the biological effects such as brain chemistry, the types of love a person can feel, the emotional aspects (both positive and negative) or, depending on essay length requirements, all of the aforementioned. Of course if you are merely writing a short 250 word essay some may choose to write on experiences or build more of a short story than a factual account.

Medical journals and books written on love by doctors are one of the best resources to pull your data from in regards to the natural instinct, urge and reaction. Of course a lot can be said about the internet and the vast resources one can get from it. Be careful to authentic your information though. There is a lot content on the web that may not be accurate and the worst thing you can do is fail to research properly.

The types of love that a person can feel is an interesting route to take when creating an essay about love. An effective essay can either be on one single type or incorporate them all. Both have the potential to be highly intriguing. Lets take a look at a few of the common kinds of love a person can feel:
Romantic: is the sexual love that comes with marriage or the bonding through sex.

Platonic: is a brotherly love that has no sexual impact.

Unconditional: is what is generally referred to as familial love that describes how a parent/child relationship should work, assuming the relationship is healthy.

Compassionate: generally means the type of love that is expressed for people you do not know personally or an animal in which you have come to love.

It all boils down to impersonal or interpersonal feelings and emotions. So, here are some of the ideas you have to work with. An essay about love can go into the dynamics of why unrequited, or love that is not reciprocated, often turns into infatuation or hate. The differences between love and lust is another great way to educate and entertain your reader. Psychological disorders that revolve love feelings and emotions is a potentially strong essay to create as well. No matter which angle you intend to focus on there are plenty to choose from and all can be great. Just dont try to pack too much into the body of the essay. Choose which areas you want to work with and then concentrate only on those aspects.

When you research essay topics weigh them carefully. Love has many subjects and can be rather involved in scientific data. Dont bore your reader. If you choose to write an essay about love then you must focus on exactly what points of interest you want to get across to your reader and stick with it. Dont zig-zag on various matters. Keep it clear and concise.